Horror marketing errors

marketing errors

Horror marketing errors

When it comes to Digital Marketing strategy and implementation, things can easily go wrong! Some mistakes can be far more damaging than others and we are going to dive into some of the most common marketing errors and horror stories that will have you screaming how did that happen in the first place?!



Brand positioning is an important part of creating a space for your company and standing out from the competition. Strategic market positioning creates momentum, which means that every time you market a new product or service, you are building on the previous campaign.

But many companies market single products without thinking about how their overall brand is perceived. They have to start over from scratch with every new campaign, which costs time, money, and effort.

Avoid this common marketing horror story by using clear positioning strategies to influence how customers see you. Are you luxury or budget? Are your products for a specific situation? Is your business known for high quality or a certain type of customer?

Every product or service that you market should reflect your brand positioning. This creates a clear market positioning, assuring a loyal customer base.

marketing errors positioning



It is true that all business wants as many clients as possible, but we can’t direct our marketing efforts into getting them all at once. The message would be too vague and not getting anyone’s attention.

First of all, you need to know who your buyer persona is. Or: your ideal buyer, the person who is going to buy your product or your service. What does he like? How does he think? How does he interact? The more we know about our buyer persona the easier it is to adapt our communication to reach him.

Once you are successful with one buyer persona you can think of expanding your business to attract other segments.

It’s better to be the best at something than being mediocre in a lot of things.

marketing errors broad targeting



Your website is your identity card. That’s why it must be visible, not a Ghost.

That’s where your possible buyers first visit when they want to know more about your business. This means that they are interested and may become clients.

Now imagine they arrive at a website where the business mission is unclear, the User Experience in the page is bad with incompatible colors and difficult reading, and the loading speed is sloooooow.

Most people wouldn’t have the patience to wait for the page to download. If they do, and find an abandoned site with an unclear structure and message. How many would become your client?

To avoid this situation, you should build you website with the help of professionals who know how to focus the web on user experience and increase its usability.  ALSO, you should regularly give your website a proper maintenance and upgrade.

Ghosting websites is a sad consequence of many businesses’ lack of attention and maintenance.




Paid search advertising can be a highly effective way to get your website found in search results, but it can also go horribly wrong if the Google Ads account has been set up poorly or by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing! Here are some gruesome paid search stories:

One of the most common marketing erros , is when poor account management leads to client display ads appearing on some very distasteful and unpleasant websites. Websites that businesses really do not want to be associated with! Many brands have fallen victim to this due to sheer lack of attention. The simple fix is to ensure the box is ticked to exclude your display ads from showing on these sorts of sites.

Be very careful with the keywords you choose for your campaign. The keyword should be specific and relevant to your business. A poor choice of keywords can finish the paid ads budget without any results for the company.

marketing errors ppc



In order to improve your website rankings in organic search, there are several steps that you must take to ensure Google and other search engines actually understand the content on your website.

Whether that be adding schema.org to a page, or adding alternative text to images, you want to make sure you are doing all you can for search engine optimization. However, there are some businesses that fail to realize the importance of strong technical SEO

As a business, it is vital to ensure that search engines can crawl your website and its pages. This means that your website must be indexable. If your pages aren’t indexed, then how are you going to get found? Well worryingly we have seen some circumstances where companies have actually managed to no-index their entire website completely removing it from organic search results! Just think how damaging this could be to the profit of your business. Especially if no one notices for an extended period of time. This is a truly frightening situation!

Content is key to ensure you are ranking well in search engines. Whilst duplicate content is a big “NO”, deleting valuable content should also be a “no-go”! However, one company that was strategically changing their tone of voice, deleted ALL their old content. Yes, all of it. The result? They completely destroyed their websites organic rankings and traffic. Even worse they failed to take a backup of their site and couldn’t locate the content making the process of adding it back on the website even more difficult. Our advice is to edit content, but never delete!

Avoid these marketing errors!


Make sure that your business never falls into these traps! If you’re in doubt about anything it is always worth talking to experts. On a long term it can save you a lot of money and time!

We hope you enjoyed our run down of some of the most terrifying digital marketing errors and horror stories and they really do send a consistent message of this is not what to do!

Contact us today to ensure you are working with professionals who understand your needs and can give your business profitable treats rather than tricks!

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