the power of the hashtag

The power of Hashtags

There’s no question that the hashtag is a part of the collective digital culture and most of us use it, but not everyone is aware of the power of hashtags.

There are  125 millions hashtags posted around the world every day. This is the main reason why Twitter decided that the 23rd of August, the hashtag should be celebrated.


But what is the purpose of the hashtag?


The hashtag is used to categorize and tag social media posts and can be considered a help to the search engine in each platform. You can filter the huge amount of content in each social media by hashtags and see all the posts in the platform with the same tag.

The main goals of using hashtags are:

  • Gain visibility for certain keywords or tags (#SocialMediaMarketing) 
  • Develop a brand image by using branded hashtags that act as a slogan for the brand, such as #msrmarketing.
  • Promote common marketing campaigns using tags like #blackfriday.
  • Promote private marketing campaigns adding a twist to it #MSRblackfriday
  • Provide a channel where people can comment on mass events like seminars.  #MSRmarketingSummit2021


How to use the hashtags in social media?


These are our 8 best tips on what your hashtags should look like, and how you should use them in social media marketing:


  1. Short and precise hashtags are easy to read.
  2. Easy to remember makes it easy to use!
  3. Relevant and contextualized with your business and post. Stay focused
  4. Avoid special characters.
  5. Use trending hashtags (and opt for higher traffic volume).
  6. Use multiple languages if you have a diverse target audience. 
  7. Keywords that identify the business, such as: #msrmarketing #branding #digitaltransformation #insight.
  8. The location might be essential. You can include the name of the area you provide your services in the hashtag.  

In order to choose the appropriate hashtag, it is important to study the hashtags used by your competitors, but also their popularity since a tag with more traffic increases our chances of being seen.

In case you are not inspired about which hashtags you should add to your posts, you can access free tools that help you in your search such as Sistrix, All Hashtag or Displaypurposes.

At MSR we can help you with all your digital marketing strategy including the content, and planning of posts to reach the right business leads at the right moment, so don’t be scared and give us a try !

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