We are Google Partners!

Google Partners

We are Google Partners!

We’ve been working with ads at Google for more than 12 years, and this professional experience is recognized with the Google Partner badge. Thanks to the official recognition that Google gives us for our continuous effort to improve and learn on its Google AdWords platform, we are a Google Partner agency.

To be a Google Partner, we must demonstrate that our campaigns are efficient, and that we know how to optimize the available budget by maximizing conversions. The effectiveness of our campaigns guarantees our clients the highest quality of service and training to grow online, which we have demonstrated with the recognition of Google.

Why work with a Google Partner?


A Google Partner offers a competitive advantage to customers, with a seal of quality. Google accredits us as an agency with expert online marketing professionals who have been certified to manage AdWords (Google advertising) accounts. This badge demonstrates our skill and experience in Google AdWords, and is proof that we meet the investment and return requirements of our clients.

All companies and agencies that achieve this accreditation earn the Google Partner Badge, with a profile page on the Google Partner website.

Advantages of working with MSR Marketing for Google Ads


  • A Google Partner agency guarantees advice from a team of experts.
  • A Google Partner agency is kept up to date, as it is constantly evolving.
  • Offers help quickly and efficiently, for example, during a campaign it is very useful to have a direct line of communication with Google, as it guarantees the best solution to any inconvenience.
  • A Google Partner agency provides an excellent quality of service to its clients.
  • You have access to beta versions of new features, before they are released, to which only Partners have access.
  • Working directly with Google provides immediate advice, should any questions arise regarding the optimization of your account or relevant information.


Why is the Google Partner distinction so important?


Google’s intention in creating the Google Partner certificate is to improve the advertising environment on the Internet. In this way, by rating the agencies and companies with the best practices, companies can choose to work with experts in the field.

Not all online marketing agencies obtain this accreditation, and this sets us apart from other agencies.

As Google Partners, we are specialists in each and every one of the functions of AdWords and we have the necessary skills and knowledge to use them in the most profitable way for the client. For example, keyword dominance, in-ad sitelinks, ad extensions, phrase match keywords, AdWords split testing, ad scheduling, and more.


Do you need to advertise on Google?


If you want to position your website within the Google search engine, at MSR Marketing we have accredited experts to offer the best results. If you want to position yourself as a benchmark within your sector and increase your sales, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you achieve your goals.

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