How centennials have changed the company vision

For those who were still adapting to the ‘Millennials’, the first generation born on the Internet, we bring bad news. This is how centennials have changed the company vision. Teenagers born between the mid-90s and the beginning of the 21st century, have come to revolutionize everything. Which represent a large percentage of the population worldwide.

How centennials have changed the company vision

How centennials have changed the company vision?


The ‘Centennials’ were born with the Internet under their arms, they came to the world and found a very advanced digital environment, where at each stage of their life technology has been one of the main character and they cannot imagine a life without it. They spend a lot of their time immersed in the Internet and especially in social networks, which have become a key tool to communicate, with a visual and practical language.

They look for quick, valid and efficient answers. This group of young people is used to finding all kinds of answers in the digital world, and the less they have to wait, the better. Since they are also characterized by being impatient in this area. The Ecommerce plays a very important role here, where, for most of these young people, physical stores have become obsolete and they choose to make their purchases online, where they can consult a large number of stores at the same time without the need to travel.

This is linked to the conscientious purchasing process they have. Many of them claim that they carry out a process where they consult many web pages to have the maximum information. Comparing with different products and competitors and, where they give great importance to the feedback that other consumers give. A fact that brands have to take into account to care for and satisfy the needs of this new era of consumers.

It is not surprising that by being more informed they are more aware of existing problems and feel the need to participate in change. Being more committed to social causes and the environment.


What should we wait form the future?


After the ‘Centennials’ there will surely be others who are even more trained and aware. For this reason, brands must be aware that they cannot remain stagnant and must keep up with every movement that happens in society. How? Very easy! Betting on greater automation to adapt to technological changes, we must not be left behind and we must reinvent ourselves day by day. Centennials will want to be part of companies where their opinions are taken into account and where training these potential new minds is crucial to achieving optimal performance.






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