MSR Marketing and the Santander Mentoring program

MSR Marketing in Mujeres con S program

MSR Marketing and the Santander Mentoring program

Our CEO, Line Hostmalingen has been chosen as a mentor, to represent MSR Marketing in the Mujeres con S program organized by Santander Bank.

MSR Marketing the Santander Mentoring program


This mentoring and networking process takes place over 5 months. In this program, a social network is generated between high-level professionals (mentors), with people who aspire to be mentored in order to become high level professionals.

This year we are going to help provide the necessary resources and tools to women who want to rise to a management position in their organization, or undertake their own professional project. The program Mujeres con S, puts them in contact with high-level women like our CEO Line Hostmalingen, women with management or entrepreneur experience and a wide network of contacts. This way, the mentored women can define their leadership style and draw up a well-founded plan to achieve their goals.

The program is part of the Santander Generación 81 strategy. A project that promotes education, employment and entrepreneurship on an equal footing. Also, the visibility of female reference models.

The Santander Banc and Mujeres con S has trained more than 1,000 participants. We hope that MSR Marketing  will help educate many more women that need mentoring through the Women with S program.

The mentors


The selected mentors are professional women with a desire to help their sisterhood. They are recognized for their knowledge and useful experiences and have a real interest in transmitting them. One of the requirements to be accepted as a mentor is to have a career path of more than 15 years as a businesswoman or professional.

We are happy to be a part of this voluntary program and contribute a little of our knowledge to help other women grow their business.

For more information: Banco Santander’s Instagram page

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